The Army’s Loyalty Shifts

December 19, 1989 This day brought more terror and confusion. There was shooting all over the city. The prime minister promised to release the political prisoners, but ignored the demand to remove Ceausescu. On the following day in Bucharest, Ceausescu gave a televised speech promising to defeat the “terrorists and hooligans” in Timisoara. He talkedContinue reading “The Army’s Loyalty Shifts”

“Down with Ceausescu”

December 18, 1989 Riots and protests persisted. On orders of Ceausescu security forces cracked down on demonstrators with lethal force. The dreaded secret police (the Securitate) had joined the forces and began to assault the demonstrators by shooting into the crowd sometimes from their perches in nearby buildings. Ceausescu, not realizing the gravity of theContinue reading ““Down with Ceausescu””

The Massacre

Today, December 17, is a day of mourning in Timisoara with ceremonies marking this thirty year anniversary of the massacre including a speech by President Klaus Iohannis, wreath laying and religious services. On this day in 1989, a huge crowd came together in Timisoara. The crowd marched on the Communist headquarters. They now included universityContinue reading “The Massacre”

Protestors and Police Re-Group

Earlier today hundreds of Timisoara’s citizens gathered with candles and flags long ago ripped of its Communist emblem, to march in a “Freedom March” to the church where 30 years ago the Revolution began. By December 16, 1989 support for Pastor Laszlo Tokes had grown and evolved into a general protest against the Ceausescu regime.Continue reading “Protestors and Police Re-Group”

The Beginning of the Revolution

The Revolution began on December 15, 1989 with the house arrest of Reformed Pastor Laszlo Tokes who had dared to speak out against the regime. The Hungarian Reformed Church represented a substantial minority of Romania based largely in Transylvania. After his house arrest, the townspeople anticipated the “disappearance” of Tokes. Tokes had already escaped manyContinue reading “The Beginning of the Revolution”

Remembering 1980s Romania

I have collected items that I obtained from my travel there in 1990, 1994 and from eBay pertaining to the 1980s life in Communist Romania. This is the decade of worsening deprivation and oppression that peaked in 1989; the year of the execution of dictator Ceausescu and his wife Elena on Christmas Day. This monthContinue reading “Remembering 1980s Romania”