Happy New Year 1983

Hotel Ambasador

Ambassador Hotel Bucharest New Years Menu Dorobanti Restaurant 1983

Here is the translation:

Tarts with Fish Eggs

Biskaia Tarts – I don’t know what it means…

Crab Cocktail – I don’t know what it means either

Terina (paste) made from Hunting Meat

Liver paste in aspic

Poultry gelatin

Consommé with meringue

Beluga a la russe, in aspic

Turkey roll

Lamb roll and garnish



Cheese and schweitzer


Cake with Ness cream

Fruit parfait


Dorobanti cocktail

White wine

Red wine

Mineral water


In 1983 the situation was not that bad, people were not starving. The bigger problems related to food started in 1985-1986.

All the restaurant had menus but they were usually serving grilled meat, “mici” (grilled meat rolls) and french fries

Thanks to Codrut in Bucharest for the translation!

The following article is about restoration of land and building rights, confiscated (Nationalized) when the Communists took power. The article concerns ownership of the Ambasador Hotel in Bucharest and the bizarre way the court resolved the dispute.

After ten years of law suits, half of Hotel Ambasador in Bucharest returns to original owners

The heirs of Romanian architect Arghir Culina recently won in court a wing of the hotel Ambasador and its land plot on Magheru boulevard downtown in Romanian capital Bucharest. The building, erected between 1937 and 1939, had been nationalized during the communist period, and is one of the assets which were given back to owners in kind

It took ten years of law suits for the heirs to get back their wing towards the Ciclop garage, consisting in a 520 sqm land plot and the 13- floored hotel. Lawyers from Zamfirescu Racoți & Partners represented the winning side. On the other side were the representatives of the SC Ambasador SA, the Authority for State Assets AVAS and the Public Finance Ministry.

The other half of the hotel which remained in the possession of the firm Ambasador Turism will again become functional at half of its capacity, after renovation and reclassification at four stars, instead of the previous three stars

The case had received a positive court decision back in 2003, but it went through further appeals. “The restitution saga and the various baffles we had to face unfortunately caused many of those who appeared as heirs in this case not to survive to see the happy ending,” said Călin-Andrei Zamfirescu, who coordinated the project team.

Arghir Culin was a famous architect in the first half of the 20th century, having designed several buildings in Bucharest in the art deco style, such as the Palace Hotel, presently Cismigiu Hotel, the Union Center, the building at 48 Splaiul Independentei – dormitories for Medicine students, Hotel Capitol (Louvre) on Calea Victoriei, and the Mincu Villa. For himself he designed the 200-roomed Ambasador hotel, which he owned jointly with Constantin S. Mihăescu, the owner of the adjoining Ciclop garage.

Romania-Insider.com 5/27/2013

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