Calling it Christmas Again

December 24, 1989 Christmas Eve Warfare continued at the main train station, Palace Square and around University Square. But people could be seen carrying Christmas trees and giving gifts. In the late eighties the Christmas holiday had been supplanted by a celebration of Ceausescu’s birthday. The army was making gains against the heavily armed SecuritateContinue reading “Calling it Christmas Again”

The Tyrants' Escape and Capture

December 22, 2019 Today, Sunday, Revolutionaries, authorities and citizens remember the dead with an honor guard at the memorial in Revolution Square, a march, religious services and a short speech by President Iohannis opening an exhibition on the Revolution. 1,142 balloons representing the dead were released. December 22, 1989 By now the cities of Brasov,Continue reading “The Tyrants' Escape and Capture”

Revolution Comes to Bucharest

December 21, 1989 Many Romanians say this day is the most important one in their lives. After 5 days of fighting in Timisoara, The Revolution has reached Bucharest. In Timisoara the death count would reach close to 100, with 400 injured and a thousand arrests. Many people were surprised by the uprising, even though thereContinue reading “Revolution Comes to Bucharest”

The Army's Loyalty Shifts

December 19, 1989 This day brought more terror and confusion. There was shooting all over the city. The prime minister promised to release the political prisoners, but ignored the demand to remove Ceausescu. On the following day in Bucharest, Ceausescu gave a televised speech promising to defeat the “terrorists and hooligans” in Timisoara. He talkedContinue reading “The Army's Loyalty Shifts”